Crab Looking At…

July 23, 2017
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Crab Looking At…


Dr. Denise Bennerson

On Saturday mornings we sometimes go to the La Reine Farmers Market in St. Croix US Virgin Islands. It operates under the umbrella of the Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture and you can get local fruits and vegetables, as well as, fish caught right from the sea… all fresh. Some of the products sold are mangoes, lettuce, yams, honey, bananas, tamarind, plantain, peppers, pineapples, eggs, chives, okra, pumpkin, papayas, breadfruit, and lemon grass. Personally, I love the energy and buzz you hear among the people buying and selling or trading. Read more about my experience at the market below.

One of the things I was fascinated with is the crabs. They are in a little wired cage and crawling all around – including on top of each other – similar to the video above. They are waiting to be sold. I decided to tell the story of my morning at the market. Have fun reading Crab Looking At… by Dr. Denise Bennerson – see below:

Photographs by Denise Bennerson

Adobe Spark Page

Thanks for reading my story: The Wheel Bend and the Story End!

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