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Denise Bennerson is a product graphic designer. This website will help introduce you to the products she has designed on her affiliate websites. She enjoys and has a real passion for designing products that people use every day, as well as for special occasions and events. She has many years of experience designing a wide range of products for personal and commercial use on various websites, particularly her affiliate website Zazzle, where her product designs are featured.

In addition to designing products for people around the world, she has a special interest in designing products for her island culture in the US Virgin Islands especially using the traditional Madras pattern used by many people in the Caribbean for attire and decor.

Denise is also the author of “The Daniel Series,” books and designs US Virgin Islands Lapel Pins that you may browse at her Esty store.

Denise intends that when you buy her products, you will realize they were “Made for You.” Do take the time to customize and personalize many of her designs on products and make them yours at https://www.zazzle.com/store/homelandcollections.

“I intend that when you purchase my products, you realize they were made for you.
Denise Bennerson

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We appreciate you browsing our website. We design many customizable products that you can recreate for your holidays, occasions, and events on our affiliate websites, such as Zazzle. Some gift items are for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, wedding invitations and backdrops, birth announcements, back to school, graduation, games and sports, and award events. We also design personalized products for business and corporate branding and marketing with logos such as desk and door name plates, employees and volunteers ID Identification Badges, certificates and award plaques, signs and banners, and customer promotional items. Once we design the products, Zazzle creates, prints and ships the products to the customer. Any concerns Zazzle customer service addresses it. We may earn a commission, but it will be at no extra cost to you. Do enjoy.

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There are many ways to browse and explore our customizable, designed products. We have selected our top picks in the following link to our collection for you to discover unique and inspirational gift ideas, as well as for everyday use. After you browse, please select your product with our design. Most come with an editable template to place your information and make your personalized gift. There are gifts for everyone.

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Our affiliate Zazzle does 100% of the fulfillment and customer service after your personalization and you place your order. We are independent creators who design and we hope our work brings you joy. When you buy you support our artistry.

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Explore our popular gift ideas from our Homeland Collections Portrait Gallery store on our affiliate website Zazzle. Many of the products are designed for you to help find the perfect gift for family members, friends, or coworkers for special occasions and holidays or just because. In addition, there are corporate or business favors for giveaway promotions and award plaques for recognizing employee achievements. Numerous products can be customized and personalized by you.